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The Top 10 Benefits of Link Building You Must Consider Now

Diana Aghumyan

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Inhabiting the online sphere, we have no choice of passing by Search Engine Optimization. Imagine how open the world has become. On average, it is reported that we have 12 social interactions per day but come to terms with millions and billions online. 

Open digital interactions have replaced face-to-face interactions since social networks enjoy use by 4.70 billion people around the world. Businesses also take advantage of this reach. To gain real benefits, they need real visibility, which is, in other words their website visibility. Launching a website serves no good unless customers find you through search. Here SEO strategy comes in handy. 

The optimization topic breaks into on-page and off-page, where the former deals with activities on your domain, and the latter focuses outside your domain. To secure your business with engine visibility, you must focus on both. There are multiple root elements of each. However, discussing all might cause a weary brain. Shuffling the cards, we paused to discuss link building. As a primary SEO component, link building is the thread that ties individual websites to one another through hyperlinks. 

The lack of link-building bears severe consequences for SEO. The reason is that Google’s metrics consider link-building a dominant ranking factor. Decent and ethical link-building strategy enjoys a high priority in digital marketing activities. 

The fruitful promises of building and earning links will remain long. As per the explanation, link building takes work and investment, while link earning is the reward that a website gets without the push on it.

Let’s look into the ten benefits of link building one by one

Link building does not merely refer to having thousands of external links pointing to your domain. It is rather about building relationships with those holding authority so that you see the result of what is to be said links boost organic traffic. In this article, we will progress in discussing the benefits of link building. 

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1. Increases DA

There are metrics on top of the page for an SEO expert and the website owner. These metrics affect ranking significantly, and ignoring them causes severe after-effects. Domain Authority (DA) is a key term to keep in mind when optimizing.

We distinguish two types of links: do-follow and no-follow. Worded simply, a do-follow link adds up the PageRank signals (in SEO terms, “link juice”), and a no-follow link doesn’t add up such signals. In a nutshell, do-follow links contribute to the ranking by raising page authority, whereas no-follow links don’t affect the ranking in one way or another.

When optimizing a website, the aim is to attract as many do-follow links as possible. Before building links with any website, you should consider checking its DA score since low DA websites hold little authority potential. Meanwhile, spammy sites are a big no-no in link building. Penalty is at the corner in this practice. Domain Authority can be affected by link building both positively and negatively. Learning how to audit your website and analyzing it in simple techniques will give you a thorough idea of which of these aspects needs refinement.

2. Influences ranking

Backlinks boost Google ranking. That is a mere fact – links account for half the ranking factor. It comes from the high Domain Authority score and serves as a trust coin for Google’s algorithms to rank your website. The process goes like this: high authority sites link to yours, add the link juice to your domain, raise your DA score, and the consequence is high ranks on search engines. Since authoritative sites trust you, engines decide to trust you too. In fact, links compose nearly half of the ranking factor; 42.6% of responsibility falls onto links when ranking a website.

3. Links boost website traffic

Imagine a splendid restaurant located at the far end of a city. Everyone hears about it and wants to visit, but there is only one bumpy road leading there. No one has a clue who would think of such an ill-thought to locate the marvel in the middle of nowhere. Why make it hard to get the delicacies? One would get even hungrier on the way. That’s probably a marketing tactic. Let’s leave the restaurant and its marketing and move on to digital marketing practices. The same would not work on the virtual sphere of marketing. Keeping something out of reach means no one will attempt to find it and feel content with an alternative.

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You will need more traffic if you care to promote your business. Having backlinks infers building many roads to your exquisite offering. Links open up opportunities from different directions to your website, and links boost organic traffic to your website. You get clicks from visitors of various websites who interact with your business and may convert into lasting customers. Traffic comes both from the clicks from other domains as well as from high engine rankings. Also, that is what’s known links boost organic traffic. Backlinks play a leading role.

4. Raises website exposure

One of the major benefits of link building is website visibility and exposure. As we understood, link building expands the reach and ranking. Higher website visibility and broader exposure result, thanks to link building. It acts on both optimization and general digital marketing strategy. The website visibility is also possible to reach in a targeted way. Suppose you aim to acquire an audience base from a particular location. You can start investing in link building with websites serving or selling in that area and get your message across. When you have a proper social media strategy and invest in your online presence, you will ultimately win in putting your website up for search, for your leads come from different sources. 

5. Generates more revenue

An increase in domain authority, high ranking, favorable traffic rate, and wide-ranging exposure push us to the next benefit of link building – more revenue. As with other digital marketing activities, one action influences the other in SEO and link building. The domino effect comes into play. Organic traffic means a real interested audience in your niche. People who come to your website need the service you provide, are looking for an item you sell, or want to learn more about your industry. Consequently, links boost organic traffic to your website.

A link-building activity is pairing with an influencer to introduce your brand to his/ her audience. They do it along with placing a link to your website. The feature process involves presenting a product or praising the service they received. These links generate more leads for your business, and their word implants trust in the newer audience; the showcased product incites a wish to own one. Consequently, thanks to the links, you sell more and get more revenue. Positive word-of-mouth translates into positive revenue. 

Regarding more revenue, links are effective since they drift the right audience into the bucket of products they are looking for. 

6. Earns credibility and reputation

A thought leader, an expert in a field, a trusted reputation – all that immense online exposure holds as a promise. Coming across your name on the engines, wherever they browse, whatever they search for, audiences develop reliance and dependability for your business. Thus, you can enter new markets and break new ground. Creating value with your content immediately incites other industry leaders to want to share the content.

When you are perceived as an industry leader and a reliable information source, people will want to link to you just like that. The content and its representation matter when creating a reputation from link building. Placing your links with high-value assets is the trick.

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7. Grows referral traffic 

If organic traffic is driven from engines, referral traffic is the visits your website gets when people follow its link on other websites. Thus other sites refer to yours with a link that brings you referral traffic. It is essential to measure and track your link-building strategy. Google Analytics considers any visitor from another site or social media platform to your site as a referral. 

You can gain extra referral traffic:

  • Through mentions in reviews
  • Guest posting and blogging 
  • From Sites like Quora. Even though Quora gives a no-follow link to a site, which does not impact the authority, it does touch on increasing referral traffic.

The potential referral traffic also depends on how high the content containing your link ranks on the engines. An active link on an authority website tends to bring continuous traffic as long as the link is active. We can call link building “the ultimate long-term method for driving traffic to your site”.

8. Decreases Bounce Rate

Next to links and content, Google’s first-page ranking factors also include the bounce rate. A high bounce rate, that is, more site visitors bounce away or leave right after they have opened the page, is an alarming factor that says there is an issue with the site or page. The issue may refer to content, the technical part, User Experience, or page design. Logically, a high quitting rate from the site means the site is not practical, doesn’t suffice the user’s needs, and is not the right match for the keyword or search intent. 

The bounce rate decrease hugely depends on internal rather than external links. When you link to your content, visitors click and spend more time on your website. They might find something exciting to keep them longer on the site. Increasing the time on the site, will increase your ranking chances and have a lower bounce rate.

9. Nurtures relationship building

Every SEO, link-building specialist, and a business representative will confess that there is little to no chance of competitor link exchange. The reason is the lack of relationships and networks. It is an unwritten rule that two representatives of the same industry share no mutual business. However, to succeed in link-building, you must pay attention to the power of relationships. Link exchange is about relationship exchange, and link building is about network building. Businesses sometimes refrain from linking to their competitors so as not to give leads to their competitors. Yet, by exchanging links with one another, marketers will both be rewarded, build an audience around their niche, and learn through networking. 

Besides building links and relationships with businesses of the same niche, one may also consider other industry leaders and enterprises whose audiences might be interested in their offerings. Let’s imagine you have started selling homemade cookies; a specialized steak restaurant is not your direct competitor but serves in the same industry. Steak enthusiasts will not refuse to treat themselves to homemade cookies after the meal. Pairing up with the restaurant will grow your audiences, reach, and practices.

10. Established brand identity

The benefits of link building stretch wide and deep. The exposure that link building provides promises your website and brand name to elevate in the market. The website visibility increases, so does the brand name that gets known. Through link building, you place yourself in front of new markets and get exposed to audiences you could not reach through any other technique. Your brand gets seen and heard from different mediums and means. You create a brand awareness bubble and ensure getting leads from various places. Brand awareness is not merely brand name recognition; it expands in value and brand personality associations. By popping up on the first search page, you ensure to pop up in the audience’s minds for the value you offer.

Takeaways from the benefits of link building

It is time to kick off the link-building process to reap the benefits of link building. Digital marketing is nothing without SEO; link building, in particular, is the base of ranking high. Even though link building seems a lengthy and time-consuming process, it is a marketing method that promises lasting results. 

As you read in this article, link building brings multiple benefits, the top being ranking and reaching reputation and higher revenue generation. If used tactically and properly, link-building activities will bring the optimization benefits any competitor would dream of having. Backlinks bear multiple benefits and positively impact optimization metrics and website traffic. Thus, it is time to consider the above-mentioned advantages and act on them accordingly.


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