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How to Find Out Google Ranking of Your Website With these 5 Tools

Diana Aghumyan

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Scrolling down your social media pages, you will come across the phrase “Google ranking” at least once daily. It’s enough of a trigger that indicates how important ranks are for a business. The logic is simple – if you rank high, people will find you; if you are not visible on Google, chances are your business name will not be mentioned among customers. Here it’s up to you to decide which option is right. 

In case you are wondering how to find out Google ranking of your website, we are here to dig it through. Learning about your Google position will help zero your SEO efforts in the right place and invest in practices to increase web engagement through organic traffic. 

According to the statistics, 50% of the clicks go to the most ranked pages. In search engine optimization, “seen” means “clicked”, “visited”, and “acted”. So, finding out your ranking position on search engines, you will craft a better strategy or strengthen your current strategy to make your website more clicked through, visited, and acted upon.

Here Is How to Find Out Google Ranking of Your Website With the Top Optimization Tool

Optimizing your website, conducting keyword research, creating content, and being involved in link building along with a number of other SEO strategies, it is not always possible to keep your eyes on Google’s SERP. 

Checking each page’s status individually requires extra time and attempts. If you start wondering how to find out Google ranking of your website or stay in control of SEO performance and track the keywords you are targeting, all simplified, here are the top effective tools. This in-depth analysis will improve optimization for the engines and guarantee SEO for growth of your website.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console ranking checker

When there is Google ranking, Google couldn’t but introduce a tool to check the ranking performance. GSC or Google Search Console helps track website ranking. To check the page ranking, you should open the GSC and go to the “search results” tab, which is located under “Performance”. Next, click “queries” to find all the terms your website ranks for.

The tool shows the ranking position and gives information on the impression number and the click-through rate. Other elemental attributes of this tool are:

  • Tracking the website indexing and crawling 
  • Scanning the site for errors and performance problems 
  • Monitoring the updated pages 
  • Analyzing internal and external links

The good news about this tool is that it’s free of charge. All it takes to check is to connect to your website domain. 


Ubersuggest ranking checker tool․

Neil Patel, a digital marketing guru and a well-known name in digital marketing, created Ubersuggest, an all-inclusive SEO tool. It’s another excellent choice if you are wondering how to find out Google ranking of your website. Ubersuggest helps understand how your website performs on the leading search engine. But it’s not the end. It also analyzes and gives feedback on the technical optimization along with analyzing the competitors.

The built-in Keyword Analyzer will provide a report on keyword ranking. The report includes the following:

  • The search volume.
  • The page position.
  • The number of page visits.
  • The difficulty of that keyword.

The comprehensive tool includes keyword planning for promising keywords and content ideas.  

By conducting a competitive analysis, you will find out what your competitors are up to in terms of creating content and building links. Segmenting the information on the competitors’ organic keywords, their monthly organic traffic, the website authority, and their backlink profile you will combine the data into an ideal optimization strategy.


Ahrefs ranking checker

Ahrefs seems to have been in the market since the first SEO days. It is designed to give a broad insight into the website’s performance on search engines. Ahrefs is a tool that provides you the ranking information and analyzes other aspects of the web page. 

With Ahrefs you can check how the keywords rank on mobile and desktop. You can check information concerning the local search and ranking across 170 countries. But that’s not the entire thing. All it takes is to enter the domain in the “site explorer”. Here you are given the data for the specific website, which includes ranking keywords, SERP position for each, KD–keyword difficulty, and search volume–how many monthly searches the keyword gets.

I said that it’s not the end of the Ahrefs features. The tool goes a step further. It also tells you if your page ranks with special Google features – featured snippets, top stories, image pack, “people also ask”, etc. Thus, with Ahrefs you analyze your site on and beyond the SERP.


SEMRush ranking checker

A discussion about SEO tools couldn’t but include SEMRush. It is another popular SEO tool that helps enhance any SEO strategy. Once you enter the website’s domain in the “Organic Research”, the tool will show you all the terms your website organically ranks for. You will also be given a thorough report on the SERP position, the keyword difficulty, and search volume. An amazing feature is setting up the Position Tracker. It enables you to keep track of the targeted keyword performance. 

The magic about SEMRush is the “Keyword Magic Tool”. Entering a keyword into the search bar suggests a list of possible keywords you can target. Once you select a keyword, the tool shows an overview of the term with all the metrics you need to decide if you should target it.

With this information, you take the target term and get the SEO campaign started.


MOZ ranking checker

Moz or MozPro comes last but not least on the SEO analysis tools list. It’s another all-inclusive tool. MozPro assists in rank tracking, performing a website audit, analyzing backlinks, and planning the target keywords. Once the focus keyword data is entered, you are shown its mobile and desktop visibility.

Moz varies from other tools in its up-to-date result updates. Unlike most other tools, Moz gives a real-time ranking results report. You enter the keyword, the domain, or the subdomain you are about to check, choose the search engine; Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Google Mobile, the country, and click on the Search button to wait for an overview of your search. 

You Already Know Where and How to Find Out Google Ranking of Your Website

Appearing on the most-searched, visited, and used engine across the Internet is critical for business success. Google has been and stays the gem for digital marketing. Website traffic- future converted leads- comes mainly from Google. You probably already envision the importance of ranking on Google.  

Checking your website’s Google ranking is not a challenge anymore. You won’t have to hire someone precisely to track the keyword performance by manually searching each of the engines. With the comprehensive tools at your fingertips, mapping out, performing, and monitoring an optimization project is not a new position opening at your company. 

All you have to do is get familiar with the tools, like the industry-leading Google Search Console, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Moz, and others. Next, explore the keywords and the sites you have targeted. Lately, you can benefit from the beautiful features of these tools, like identifying other gainful prospective keywords as later targets. Now you have your target key terms’ list, get ready to land your fruitful content on the most searched place in the mega world of the Internet.


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